Friday, February 27, 2015


Family History Writing Challenge - Day 27

** NOTE: The italicized font is creative non-fiction. Based upon the stories of my mother and uncle it is my creative writing of their memories. **

Mason sat on the floor beside the wood cook stove stroking Popeye’s silky fur. Big, round, soulful eyes looked back at her. His eyes were black and shiny like polished stones, so shiny Mason could see her reflection and his big long whiskers twitched as she spoke softly to him. Mommy was cooking dinner and Daddy had just gotten home from his shift at the can plant. After greeting his family, Daddy turned to Mason and said “okay, it’s time for Popeye to go out.” Mason stood as her father called to Popeye, “come on boy, time to go out.” Popeye, reluctant to leave his warm spot, twisted and heaved his body toward his master’s voice. Daddy opened the back door as both exited and rounded the corner of the house. Mason watched as Daddy walked beside Popeye down over the lawn, across the field, across the road and down to the beach. Popeye was awkward on land, but once in the water, he was graceful and free.

The ever-present breeze blew through the windows as Mom & I sat by the Lubec boat landing one August day.  The water rushed through the Lubec narrows swirling and dark, the current strengthened by the incoming tide.  People began to gather on the breakwater fascinated by the little black dots bobbing and floating in the current; harbor seals at play.  “I had a pet seal” mom’s wistful voice spoke from the passenger’s seat.  “His name was Popeye.  Every night your grandfather would take him down to the ocean to swim and when they returned Popeye would go sleep behind the wood stove; he was like a puppy. Amazing I thought, and how cool to have a seal for a pet, all I ever had was a dog and cat.

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