Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mom - Two little known facts

Birth Announcement
 In honor of my mother’s birth I want to divert from the story of Mason and Wells in South Lubec to tell you about “Mason” as an adult. There is so much to tell that 250 words will not do justice, but I will restrain myself from boasting too much. Here are two little known facts about mom, which I find immensely interesting and I hope you do too.

First off, did you know that my mom couldn't sing when she was a child?  An elementary school teacher told my grandmother “I’m sorry Mrs. Scott, but your daughter didn't inherit your voice.”  Well, my mother was given a Gene Autry guitar and taught herself how to play and sing. After getting married, she and dad started the family singing group “Hum & Strum.” That picture of me as a child was taken when the family was performing. Mom’s done really well for a kid that couldn't sing.  FYI – she got me started on playing guitar.

Mom and her Dad
Secondly, mom wrote for the Willimantic Chronicle (the local newspaper.) She did weekly human interest stories, some of which I still own copies of.  I remember sitting at her feet while she typed the stories and then going to the newspaper office to deliver them. The sound of the newspaper machines was impressive to a young child. I fear however, I may have been responsible for the early end to her newspaper career when I dropped her typewriter. Mom tells me I get my creative writing skill from her mother (my grandmother) but I beg to differ.

One of the articles mom wrote for
"The Chronicle."
I've included a bunch of photos I have of mom over the years. This is just a drop in the bucket and a small snapshot of her life.  I’m taking the liberty of using my favorite shots. Happy Birthday mommy, I’m so glad you were born!!
November 23, 1946
Windham, CT

South Lubec

Caribbean Cruise
 South Lubec

Titanic Party

Roosevelt International Park,
Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada

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