Thursday, June 26, 2014

Opinions & Snakes

I've been absent from writing lately as I have been otherwise occupied and not “felt” the desire or need to write. However, on my way home this evening I was listening to “worship” radio and began to think about what really constituted a “worship” song. While ruminating, the thought struck me “you need to write about this.” However while booting up the computer and getting my supper ready, I became aware of a much larger topic I needed to write on.... being opinionated!

Lately, I've come to discover just how opinionated I am and vocal with my opinion at times. I went to Webster's to look up this word and its meaning. I was dumbfounded to say the least and a wee bit convicted. Webster's defines "opinion" as a noun meaning “View; belief; conviction (good, right?) However, the adjective form of the word (opinionated) is defined as “Bigoted; prejudiced,” OUCH! To be a bigot, you must reach the point of being intolerant. So a question - have I indeed become intolerant by holding strong opinions?

I often say in regards to others “everyone has the right to be wrong, including myself,” and I believe this statement. Everyone has the right to hold an opinion, and tolerance comes when I'm willing to hear the person out; respectfully consider their view, and whether or not I agree in the end, not take offense. So okay, maybe I'm not a bigot, however.....While looking up “opinion” the pages fell open to “supercilious,” an adjective meaning “disdainful; contemptuous; arrogant.” (It's amazing how GOD directs even in non biblical reference books!) Now, I am more than a wee bit convicted, for I fear I may have left the shadowy realm of being opinionated and entered the dark world of supercilious. 

I like the word supercilious, not because of its meaning, but because of its sound and the picture it paints in my mind (I like descriptive words.) When I say the word , “super-ccccilllll-ious” I hear the hissing of a snake, as it slithers through the garden of my thoughts and emotions. I can hear how sinister it is to be disdainful, contemptuous and arrogant. And similar to a snake, it can hide beneath the flowers and statues of my subconscious. I am reminded of how insidious these feelings can be, and just as tempting as the snake was in Eden. While I hold strong views, beliefs and convictions; guideposts for my life, I pray against becoming arrogant, contemptuous and disdaining of others in my heart. I'm not sure how the snake enters, but I don't want that black, tongue flicking, venom spitting creature in my garden! As always this is my opinion, respectfully submitted for your enjoyment, whether you agree or not.