Monday, October 15, 2012

Back again

I’m ba-a-a-a-ck!  After a very quick summer, I have returned to my computer to start blogging again.  I had every intention of posting regularly throughout the summer, but time seemed to fly.  At the end of spring I had written a post, and then promptly lost my data sticks until a month ago, needless to say the post never got posted.  I knew early on, this summer was going to be challenging and anticipated it flying by, which it did. But now I am back and hope to make up for some of the lost time by posting more than before.  I believe it was Einstein who theorized the hands on a clock spin faster when it is not watched.  And the old adage of “time flies when you’re having fun comes to mind when I think of this year, not simply the summer.  I sit here now on the second of October and wonder where the time went.  Others I have spoken to intone the same feelings.  My plan is to post some of my older writings intertwining new with them through the end of the year; we’ll see how well I do.  For the moment, let me share some thoughts with you in reflection of what I have been up to.

In January my singing partner and I made a goal to sing on average once a month or more.  I am happy to say, this goal is on track to be met, which explains where part of the summer went.  We recently returned from a trip to the Mid-Atlantic where we gave a Sunday evening concert.  It was a mid-sized church, but attendance to the concert was only a small percentage of the congregation.  It was a long trip from just outside of Philadelphia to central Maine leaving us plenty of time to reflect upon “was it worth it.”  Perspective is an important piece to consider when answering questions along these lines.  A person’s attitude toward what they are called to do determines whether something is worth the effort.  The same is true of this blog, it takes time to write, and it takes effort, it means deciding not to do something else while I spend the time at the computer.  I don’t have a large following, I would like to think it would grow (if I posted regularly) but I don’t write to be famous.  We had another concert this summer this time at a much smaller church, one might say it was “struggling.”  We drove for two hours for a one-hour concert for a handful of people.  Another time this summer the same happened, in fact reflecting in hindsight, the majority of our concerts were lightly attended.  This is where perspective comes in.

I can chose to be disheartened by the amount of people I sing to, or the small financial reimbursement I receive or I can chose to be encouraged by having reached those who I did.  GOD brings to concerts those whom HE wants to be there; I should not blame lack of advertising or poor planning for low attendance, this would mean I would be striving in my own strength.  This does not mean we shouldn’t advertise or plan well, but it does mean, “Having done all, we stand.” (See Ephesians for this one.)

Years ago I heard a pastor say “GOD delights to use the insignificant.”  As I look back over the summer I will chose to believe there are those in the world GOD has reached through what might be perceived as “small” and possibly “insignificant.”  You never know who is watching or who you will reach with the gospel by simply living your life in the most faithful way possible, knowing we are still fallen creatures.  Keep watch for new posts, be encouraged regardless of how small you may feel, God delights to use you!