Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I have often heard it said, “go big or go home,” but I’m working on reducing the size of my equipment.  This post is being written on a 7” bluetooth keyboard connected to my Kindle. I am amazed at technology these days and often wonder what my father would think of having a phone in his pocket? It is taking me a bit to get used to the the touch and spacing of the keys, needless to say I am becoming best friends with the backspace button.

I began watching a show last night on Nikola Tesla, the inventor of AC electricity amongst many other things. I watched half of the show, which was enough to fill my head before bed. Tesla worked with Westinghouse and built a powerplant at Niagara Falls; if it hadn’t been for a devastating fire at his lab, Tesla would have beat Marconi in making the first wireless radio. Tesla’s work was overshadowed by Edison, even though he was as instrumental in the progress of electrifying America as Edison was. I lost a little respect for Edison when I learned he had used some negative, misleading propaganda to discredit Tesla's alternating current. Unfortunately, somethings in the world never change, mudslinging being one of them.

So why share all this? I have a new keyboard that doesn’t have wires and a Kindle that talks to the internet without wires.  I have alternating current that lights my house, charges my devices and keeps my food cold without ice. I just talked to my mom on a cell phone, and all of these wonders have one man in common, Nikola Tesla. Although he had many, many patents and many high society friends, he died penniless and a bachelor. His birthday was earlier this month, and I for one  am thankful for his birth. Here is a man who dreamed big about the smallest particles of energy and invisible radio waves.

If you are reading this blog, then you will know that my grand experiment worked and I was able  post this blog from my Kindle. So the next time you plug in the coffee or turn on a light, take a moment to be thankful for Nikola Tesla. Now I will return to my ice coffee, and fan (for it is very warm in Maine tonight.)