Friday, February 13, 2015

A Visit From Grandma

Family History Writing Challenge - Day 13

** NOTE: The italicized font is creative non-fiction. Based upon the stories of my mother and uncle it is my creative writing of their memories. **

“Two masted schooner, three masted schooner” the call would raise from the front lawn of the house in South Lubec.  Depending upon the size and number of masts the call would change as the boats sailed past.  Mason and Wells loved watching the schooners as they plied the waters of the Quoddy Narrows.  Summer was a wonderful time in South Lubec, the sun rose very early in the morning, shining the first rays of the day as early as 4 AM, while the rest of America slumbered in darkness.  Days were filled with play, Grandma Scott known as “Mother Scott” would visit from Eastport.  A large woman, she was always dressed in a black dress and Wells loved her molasses cookies. At low tide Mason and Wells would walk with her across the street to the beach.  There was a very large rock, only exposed at low tide that Mason and Wells would play on. This rock had an indentation that was teeming with life. Mason would find sea glass and play hop scotch on the sand.  Wells love to explore, picking up pieces of driftwood, rocks and shells. Before they went home, they would pick up “dulse.”  Grandma Scott had taught them which seaweed was Dulse and what was not. Homeward bound with arms full of the wet slimy seaweed, she taught them how to carefully lay it on rocks in the yard to dry. Oh how Mason loved to eat the dried Dulse. After a day of playing Mason and Wells slept well that night.  As the summer breeze brought the smell of the ocean and forest through their windows, they dreamed of the schooners that passed by their house.

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