Saturday, August 16, 2014

Loving green because of white

Anyone who has read my stuff knows I can whine; I can grouse with the best of them. I was just out mowing my lawn, which like doing dishes I have to psych myself up for, but while mowing the thought came to me “do I love green, because of white?”  Do I appreciate things more because of their opposites? You may be shaking your head wondering what I mean about green being the opposite of white: green as in grass & leaves / white as in ice and snow.

I’m thinking my little nugget for this blog post is I want to be able to look at difficult situations as a way of affirming simple day to day gifts, not just pains in my neck. I want to learn, deep down inside that the reason the days are shorter in the summer are because a summer night brings relief from the heat while winter days get longer allowing the sun to heat a frozen earth. I want to remember the reason I love the sound of peepers in the spring is because of the silence of snow cover as everything hibernates. 

I often take for granted day to day things unless I don’t have them. I don’t think about turning on a light until I am without power or checking email until I’m without internet. I don’t think about being warm until I am cold. Life seems to be full of little inconveniences lately and I've been whining, but the question I started with “do I love green because of white”, I pray stays with me.  Whenever I am faced with life’s little troubles and struggles I hope to remember it, to remind me… without work I wouldn't appreciate rest, without hunger I wouldn't appreciate food, without rain I wouldn't appreciate sunshine and without white I wouldn't love green.

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