Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Rain

It's raining outside my door tonight. I'm not able to sit on the deck with my laptop and guitar, but that's really okay because as much as I love being outside, I love hearing the soft gentle sound of rain. There is a rumble in the distance, but not so close that I have to close the windows, but close enough to remind me, these are the wonderful sounds of a summer night's rain. Many evenings when I get home from work I feel compelled to go out to mow the lawn or pull weeds in my garden; compelled to the point of feeling guilty if I don't. “Make hay while the sun shines” the old adage goes, but what about simply relaxing in the warmth of summer? And while some complain about rainy days, I enjoy the reprieve it brings from all the outdoor work that can consume a body.

Late last night it began to sprinkle, just as it was time for Logan (my dog) to go out for his bedtime walk. I knew it was sprinkling before I stepped outside, but made the decision to not bother with an umbrella, instead turning my face skyward to marvel at the shimmering drops as they fell through the beam of my outside light. Granted when it's a cold rain I tend to pull my hood over my head and lean forward, which may be why the warm gentle rain of last night was so enjoyable. I could watch, unencumbered by heavy clothing as the rain fell; gently rustling the leaves and brushing my cheek.

Being a camper for my entire life, I enjoy the sound of rain on canvas and now on the roof of my camp trailer. There was however one rainstorm I did not completely enjoy. I was in my early twenties, tenting with friends (who after that trip became some of my closest friends) on Mount Desert Island, Maine. I will not bore you with details but sum it up to say we awoke to wet sleeping bags, I then lost the brakes on my car, which forced us to remain the entire day in the rain soaked tent. It was Memorial Day so no garage was open until the next morning. Needless to say, it was a “bonding moment” and every other challenging experience we have had as friends is held up in comparison to that particular day, including a storm in the mountains of Lesotho, Africa.

The weatherman says it is going to rain tomorrow as a front moves across the state. I feel a bit sorry for the vacationers who were planning on going to the beach, but hopefully they will find pleasure in sipping coffee overlooking the storm tossed ocean or take time to sit on the porch of their camp listening to the rustle of the leaves being kissed by the rain. Museums are wonderful indoor distractions for raining afternoons, and there is nothing like a good book, afternoon nap or rousing card game to take time and enjoy. Regardless, the greens look a bit “greener” and the grass is standing taller. Summer doesn't stay long here in the north, so make certain you enjoy every moment of it; stop and listen to the sound of a summer rain.


  1. I got some work done on this rainy day! Here's to an outdoor day tomorrow. We are off to visit a fort.

  2. As always, your words are poetry to my eyes and heart.