Friday, January 25, 2013

Being a successful grown up

I have heard many people through the years describe age as a state of mind, which on a certain level is true. However, it is inevitable our bodies’ age with the passage of time. What I do whole heartedly support is the notion that “being grown-up” is a state of mind.  Adulthood is a stage in human physiological development in which the only thing that keeps growing is our ears, nose and feet. It is a stage in life in which society expects us to be responsible for ourselves and independent. But being grown up is most definitely, in my opinion, a state of mind.
I recently had to order heating oil, for it is winter here in Maine and the temps are hovering around zero. When I ordered it and paid for it right then and there, I felt quite grown-up. Upon further reflection I discovered this feeling of being a successful grown up happens when I decide, make and indulge in a meal that “hits the spot.”  It is in the accomplishment of mundane tasks some of the greatest satisfaction comes, the regular paying of bills, washing the dishes, doing the laundry; which for some people are perceived as the mundane and distasteful side of being an Adult. Don’t get me wrong, there are many times I do not wish to be an adult and do not wish to be responsible, but it is when I complete the distasteful tasks and take care of myself I feel the most successful as a grown up. Maybe I can boil this down to “adulthood stinks, feeling grown up rocks.”  Shortly after the call to the oil company I turned to my office mate and remarked on how successfully grown up I was feeling.  I was giddy, but made certain I clarified feeling grown up is a fleeting period of time.  It does not apply to any time prior and may not last long after, but for this fleeting moment, I feel successful in being “grown-up.” In fact within the hour, I was a far from feeling grown up, but all of being an adult.
I know a number of people who are adults, but have difficulty being grown up. I think all of us could think of people we know and people in the news who are adults but have difficulty being grown up. In my opinion (here I go again) I will summarize this by saying, feeling like a successful grown up means making the choice of just because I can doesn’t mean I should and just because I don’t have to doesn’t mean I shouldn’t. Using age gained wisdom and working through the hard, the mundane and everyday life with joy, I hope to string together a series of grown up periods of time, for “adulthood can stink, but feeling grown up rocks!”


  1. Great thoughts...yes, I definately know MANY adults who come nowhere near acting grown up!! I just finished a huge (mundane) task, & right now I feel VERY "grown up"!!

  2. I really enjoyed this blog...your right there is a difference between "adulthood" & "being grown up".
    BTW I am from Maine also... paying for that heating oil had to be a little bit sad,however satisfying to know your grown Have a wonderful Sunday in this freezing weather we have.