Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Family History Writing Challenge

As is intuitively obvious to most there are two things I value greatly, the first is my mother; the second is her hometown of Lubec, Maine. For a number of years I have been working on a pet project of writing about her childhood, growing up on the coast. Since I was an infant, my parent's took me yearly (sometimes twice or three times a year) to South Lubec, where we would stay with my grandmother's good friend, a woman known to me as "Aunt Hazel." Her house stood next to the land where my mother grew up (mom's house was lost in a fire after she moved.)  Now as an adult I continue to make a yearly pilgrimage "home." It is my childhood memories blended with my mother's and flavored with imagination that have been the basis for this "embellished work of fact."

I say all of this as an invitation and a warning.... I am announcing my goal of writing 250 words a day on this project for the entire month of February; starting on the 1st, ending on the 28th. This evening I signed up for the "Family History Writing Challenge" through the Armchair Genealogist.  The challenge encourages writers to announce their intentions as a way of accountability. I tried this challenge a number of years ago and made it half way, but did not post any of my writing. My plan for this year is to post what I've produced either the same night or the next day. Over the next two weeks in preparation I will be starting a list of what I'm going to write about. Fair warning to my mother and uncle... I'll be looking for fuel for the fire.

No offense will be taken if you choose not to read my posts, for this is a personal challenge. If you do read, I would love comments,thoughts and criticisms if you have any. This is a new adventure on an old project, I don't know where or how this will go. But it goes nowhere unless I try.


  1. All success to you! Sounds like a great project!

  2. What a wonderful idea! This sounds similar to the ultimate blog challenge - writing something every day. I've never participated. The closest I've come to a "challenge" is my commitment in 2013 to write a blog post at least once I week. Wishing you the best. I look forward to reading your output.