Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Where has this year gone?

Where has this year gone?  I now sit here on December 30th; puzzling over where the year went. My mom & I saw a sign many years ago at a restaurant in Maine which read “be thankful for every dull and boring day for they are precious.” I believe that particular sign could sum up this past year for me, with a few exceptions. There was a wedding in my family, a wonderful summer vacation with close friends and family and two more weeks of vacation with family and friends over the holidays and a UCONN basketball game (go Lady Huskies). But again, I ask where did this past year go? I have to go to my calendar to remember… let’s see.  The year began cold and icy, and remained snowy for most of the winter. I was certainly glad to see spring come. As I looked through my calendar I saw some weekend trips, a couple of concerts and campfire sings. Frankly, my calendar is filled with the “minutia” of life and not much else. I am grateful the big occurrences this year were happy for me for LORD knows there were plenty of discouraging, difficult times for my friends and acquaintances.

I've bought my shrimp and meatballs for New Year’s Eve dinner, I do love finger foods. I can’t say I've done any soul searching for resolutions or goals for 2015. This post makes one more post to this blog than my highest number in 2012, and I posted 5 times to my new blog “5&2”, so overall I've done better in 2014 than I have before.  I remember in March posting about not giving into fear and making certain I am only using one electronic device at a time. I am doing better at not dividing my attention when speaking with others, although not totally there.  And as for not giving into fear, let me sum it up by saying… “I haven’t finished the song yet.”  In other words, this continues to be a recurring theme and a work in progress.

If you were to ask me, right at this moment “what do I want to do in 2015” I would answer something like, write more, read more, enjoy the little things of life more often, and not give into irrational fear. I will leave you with a portion from August’s post “Loving green because of white” which sums it up pretty well.

“….. I want to be able to look at difficult situations as a way of affirming simple day to day gifts, not just pains in my neck.”

Happy New Year everyone, may you be blessed with happy times and minutia!

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  1. Happy New Year to you, too Jodi! I am thankful that we were able to be together for some of those events on your 2014 calendar. Hoping 2015 brings more of the same.