Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Reality setting in

October 2000, returning from Lesotho

I’m not certain how many people believe me to be an “adventurous” person.  I sometimes think I come across with bravado that disguises my real persona.  I am quite a home body when it comes right down to it and if it weren’t for others I would probably be happy as a hermit (at least for a while.)  Fact is reality is setting in, next week at this time I will have landed in Durban, South Africa, ending a 25 hour trip half way around the world.

Many people have been saying to me “you must be getting excited.” Yeah, I guess I am, however I think my excitement will truly hit when my house is locked, my bags are packed and I am sitting in the airport in Boston. The proverbial phrase “the devil is in the details” rings in my ears.  Although my tickets have been purchased for many months and I have been packing in my head, making a mental list of those things I need to remember, this past weekend brought to a head all of the little details I needed to accomplish before I leave.  I was struck by the imminence of my departure when I remembered I must go to the post office and stop my mail.  I had been laying out my clothes, and purchased my travel money card but those had not struck me, no….it was when I remembered having to stop the mail!

"My Giraffe" here's the proof!
I think if I did not have to worry about the little details I would be very excited.  I am trying to take joy in preparing to go but having that joy interrupted by the details.  Oh that I didn’t have to worry about the little things, but its part of the fun now isn’t it?  My intent is to journal here in this blog as well as my Face book page my adventures in South Africa.  I hope to be able to post pictures and write some commentary.  But there again, I’m not real good at details.  I covet everyone’s prayers for the journey there and home again as well as the time I spend with my dear friends.  I am looking forward to enjoying a different culture, rubbing elbows with people of a different land, hearing different languages and partaking of the different cuisine.  Hmmmm, come to think of it, I am getting excited! Given the exchange rate….maybe this and $2.50 will get me a larger cup of something yummy from the Dark Continent.

The pictures included here were taken during my trip to South Africa in 2000.  New ones will be posted as I can!

Zebras in the game preserve, they were illusive little buggers

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