Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Refrigerator Door

I was placing a photo of one of my “adopted” nephews on my refrigerator door, when I began to think about what that door said about me.  I often find myself staring at other people’s refrigerators, looking at the pictures, the magnets and pieces of paper, gaining an impression of who they are and what is important to them and have come to the conclusion that it is one of the most intimate places within a home for it truly portrays what is important to our being.  It has often been said, “We are what we eat,” I would propose that what we hang on the outside of the frig is as significant to our life as what we eat from the inside of the frig.

On three sides of my frig are hung pictures of my best friends, newspaper articles about my family, postcards that have been sent from far away places and magnets representing places and things that I love.  There are flyers from festivals I’ve attended; restaurants menus, handwritten recipes, a to do list and heating oil receipts clipped together that flap from the door when I open it.  It is a mish-mash of stuff that looks chaotic but it is representative of who I am in this world.

I have seen some doors that are neatly arranged and orderly with pictures, no flapping papers or a wild array of magnets.  Others have hand drawn pictures from young children displayed in prominence either taped on the corners or held in place by magnets.  My mother keeps a calendar on the side of her frig that she writes appointments on.  As I have said, my refrigerator is covered on three sides with a variety of overlapping pictures, papers and such.  I believe this is also indicative of who I am.  I like my life integrated, everything over lapping, my closet friends know each other and they all know my family.  My life tends to be an “open book” and my refrigerator door will attest to that.  Most people would not like my door, it is not tidy but neither is my life but I love my mish-mashed, taped and magnetized life hung together on one big metal box…inside and out I am fed as a person, body, soul and spirit.  When I am feeling insignificant and small all I have to do is glance at my refrigerator and I am reminded of what is important.  I have the faces of those who love me regardless, a family I can be proud of and heating oil receipts that affirm I own my home.  The magnets and post cards remind me that there is a big world out there for me to explore and enjoy (even if it is from my armchair,) the menus, recipes and festival flyers tell me that I have and will continue to have fun; and the To Do list emphasizes I have purpose.

What does the outside of your refrigerator tell about you?  What truths would be revealed about what is important in your life?  It is easy to walk past this appliance and not perceive the significance hung on the door.  I encourage you to take a moment and reflect on the love and life that stares back at you.  But as always, this and $2.50 will get you something yummy, maybe even from the freezer!

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  1. Love it! Nice creative thought. Next thing you know pscyho-analysts will be asking people for pictures of their fridge to evaluate! =) Mine is fairly organized (smile) ... pictures of my kids, coupons, school events, and places I want to go! So ... organized mom with a love for education and an adventurous streak! Think you nailed me!!!